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Welcome to Words

the writing website of artist Jennifer Weigel

Mirror portrait of the writer with driveway mirror
Mirror self-portrait

Jennifer Weigel is a multidisciplinary mixed media conceptual artist. This website is devoted to her written works in fiction, nonfiction, performance art scores, poetry, and alternative presentations.


Jennifer Weigel’s fantasy, horror, and science fiction stories have appeared through Czykmate Productions, Every Day Fiction, Haunted Waters Press, Limit Experience Journal, and various other projects and productions.

Self-portrait of the writer in dark brooding makeup and backlit by the morning sun, as featured on the Haunted MTL website
Self-portrait of the writer as seen on Haunted MTL


Jennifer Weigel has also written essays, interviews, reviews, and other non-fiction works based upon personal experiences, art exhibitions attended, artworks seen, games played, and institutional critique themes featured in varied blogs and publications with Art Saint Louis, Degenerate Art, local and national chapters of the Women’s Caucus for Art, and more.

Photograph of the writer posing with a giant metal rhinoceros beetle sculpture outside of the insectarium at the St. Louis Zoo in Missouri, USA.
Image credit: Judy Weigel.

Weigel’s performance scores have been printed through Day de Dada, Infinity’s Kitchen, Mob-Handed Press and mOnacle-Lash, and have been performed at After MAF, Fluxfest, 1 Minute Solo Performances, the Women’s Caucus for Art, and through numerous other shows and events.


Jennifer Weigel’s poetry touches upon observations and details of her personal life as well as socio-political commentary. Her poems have been included in performance scores and published through Black Spot Books, Lyrical Somerville, Milk & Cake Press, Other Worldly Women Press, Seeding the Snow, Three Rooms Press, and featured in a variety of art productions & shows.

Hand-written verse

A poem's not a poem
because it rhymes
or has verses or stanzas
or keeps time.

A poem's a poem
because somewhere,
deep in your heart,
you know that's what it is.
Hand-written verse

poetry video as featured on the Lit Show through Infinity’s Kitchen Facebook page

video on YouTube, click here if it doesn’t load
ShadowClan Territory

poetry video created for Telephone collaborative art project exhibition, 2021

video on YouTube, click here if it doesn’t load
Lulla Bye Bye

lullabye song lyrics and video as posted to Haunted MTL on October 27, 2020

video on YouTube, click here if it doesn’t load

Jennifer Weigel


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Jennifer Weigel is a regular contributor for Haunted MTL with horror-themed art, fiction and reviews. You can read more here.

About the Writer

Jennifer Weigel lives in Kansas, USA with her husband and cat.

Weigel is an avid art collector and enjoys playing board and role-playing games, junk store thrifting, and mail art. Her spirit animal is the deer.

Weigel’s favorite foods are unagi don or broiled calamari steak and frosting with or without cake.